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Geneviève Alaguiry

Geneviève Alaguiry, also known as artist Genathena, is a visual artist based on Reunion Island. She questions the place of the human being in the societal context of the 21st century, anchored, according to her, in a "commodification of the world", where the individual becomes a consumable. It is inscribed in an alienating relationship, locked in its own subjugation, becoming the antithesis of itself and working for its own destruction. It speaks of the ostentatious power of society which operates a brutal colonization of the individual and thus annihilates his existence.


In her work, she implements what she calls the "Mechanics of Humanization"; through chimeras, both human, at the same time monstrous, with baby faces; which exacerbate the paradoxical side of today's man, by using derision and pathos. She works in different media such as drawing, performance, video, sculpture and installation.


She has exhibited in Brazil, Reunion Island, South Korea and Mauritius. In 2018 she completed a residency at the CNEAI (Pantin) in collaboration with the Artothèque de La Réunion and the Cité internationale des arts de Paris, where she explored the world of animation through her project "Migrating towards Humans".