Nina Berclaz

"Each of my projects is based on the dissection of phenomena as a pretext to dig deeper and deeper into my approach to cognition. These phenomena allow me to deploy protean materials that go through dance/performance, drawing, video/photographic images and that I will connect in order to define the quality of a language, highlight these issues and find the expressive specificity of the project. This search for phenomena is a challenge that allows me to create a link between an experience of the world and the need for the artistic gesture that inhabits me.


The territory of the body in a space and its context is the subject of an inexhaustible interest in me, which at the same time serves as a reference point for me to constantly re-engage the work and affirm its positioning within what already exists.


My physical practice is based on immediate reactions and a sensitive hyper-availability to allow myself to be grasped and crossed by a certain experience of the present while seeking to detach myself from a social construction and therefore from a judgment. From there, the transgression comes into play and opens the way to delay, surprise and simply to thwart preconceived ideas. My work navigates within the limits of belonging, whether social, physical, historical or identity, and draws its strength from (fertile) destabilization, vulnerability, alchemy, humour, sincerity and sensuality.


Always immersed in the artistic world, since the daughter of a visual artist, dance has become my main mode of expression and I have studied it in several institutions, including TrinityLaban in London and the e.x.e.r.c.e. master's degree in Montpellier. To continue to nurture my practice, it is essential for me to maintain a relationship between choreographer and performer, whether in my own projects or for other artists."

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