Uri Shafir

Wednesday, April 29 2020, at 04:00 pm

En ligne | Online - Uri Shafir
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With the support of the Cité internationale des arts (Paris), Kelim Choreography Center, Yasmeen Godder Studio (Israel).

The work was also developed in the choreography program "master Exerce", of the national choreography center ICI-CCN of Montpellier, France (artistic director: Christian Rizzo).

As part of the Work in progress (Everyday) series, Uri Shafir offers us an original performance, conceived in the exceptional situation of the lockdown, to be discovered live on the Zoom, HERE.
We recommend watching the show with the Zoom program on your computer and not on a phone or a tablet (meeting ID : 823 131 5450).



Avigdor is an event, a place, a practice, a performance.

Avigdor explores what "being a body" means - by returning to it, or perhaps moving towards it.
In its online version, performers come together from 4 countries - Israel, France, Germany and Greece.
While staying confined in our homes, we want to connect with our animalistic nature, our material bodies, our utopian bodies.
We want to go beyond the limits of physical behaviour which "Stay Home" imposes on us.
Avigdor is about persistence on in-between-ness, where we can stall the moment where the body becomes a stable thing, and rather stay in an on-going becoming -
Being concrete yet fictitious, full of will yet full of doubt, being "simply a body", yet celebrating its conflicts, representations, and oppositions.
We want our bodies to remind us what freedom is. 


Choreography: Uri Shafir
Performers: Or Avishay, Keren Ben Altabet, Arnaud Blondel, Nina Berclaz, Laura Kirshenbaum, Dimitrios Mytilinaios, Zuki Ringart, Omer Uziel, Anat Vaadia.
Live Sound: Itzik Gil Avizohar 


Uri Shafir (Israel, Germany) and Nina Berclaz (France) are recipients of the Cité internationale des arts Performing Arts Committee.


With the support of the Antoine de Galbert Foundation.

Practical Information

Duration : 30 minutes.

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