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Mona Varichon

Mona Varichon is an artist and translator currently based in Paris. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from ArtCenter in Pasadena, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and a Bachelor of Sociology from Paris Descartes University.


Her videos were recently shown on Renaissance TV by the Renaissance Society, Chicago; the Goethe-Institute Thailand, Bangkok; u’s gallery, Diamond Valley, Alberta; the CAPC musée d’art contemporain, Bordeaux; High Art, Paris; experimental cinema l’Etna, Montreuil; the Redcat Theatre and the Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles; Plummer Park’s Fiesta Hall and the Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood.


She regularly organizes screenings of films and videos for spaces like Yale Union in Portland, Oregon; Cordova in Barcelona, Spain; Leroy’s in Los Angeles, California; the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany; Ampersand in Lisbon, Portugal; and Potts in Alhambra, California.


She was chosen by the artist Laura Owens (American painter and educatoras) one of her five "Favorite Artists" for Spike magazine’s Summer 2020 issue. Mona Varichon is currently translating the memoirs of American artists George Kuchar and Mike Kuchar into French. This book will be published in 2021 with the publishing house Varichon & Cie.

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