video sculpture

Jacob McCarthy Wiener



What are your current projects?

"I have a practice that is played out in continuity, which I would describe as moving. I was able to take advantage of my residency at the Cité internationale des arts to finalize films, including a creative documentary that I started last winter in Saint-Louis, Senegal, but above all I continued my filmmaking practice as it is everywhere: filming my daily life, that of the people I love and those around me, working on my archives and treating these materials indifferently."


What are the benefits of a residency at the Cité internationale des arts, on the Montmartre site?


"My work finds its place in exchange, collaboration and friendship. Being a resident at the Cité internationale des arts, and in particular in Montmartre, whose configuration allows a community life with the garden as a meeting place, has allowed me to meet and collaborate with other artists with different practices. This is the case with Alice Guittard, with whom I worked on the film she was directing for an exhibition in Venice, or with Edgar Sarin. 

Collaboration is at the heart of my projects, I like to think that I have built a working family here, where mutual support is constant."







Born in Los Angeles in 1986, Jacob McCarthy Wiener graduated from Hampshire College in Massachusetts in 2008, before working as a projectionist, archivist, and production assistant between Paris, New York, and Tangier.
With his family, friends, and fellow travellers, he filmed and collected many Super 8 and 16mm films on both sides of the Atlantic, constituting a true archive of his travels and emotional relationships. His interests focus on the qualities and physical properties of film, both as a vector of personal and romantic communication, and as the repository of a visual memory to be preserved in the age of digital oblivion. 

He graduated from Fresnoy - Studio National des arts contemporains in 2017.