Extrait du film Ta’ang (2016) de Wang Bing.|_@_|Excerpt from Wang Bing's film Ta'ang (2016).

Du Fresnoy à la Cité internationale des arts

Gao Bo invites Wang Bing

Wednesday, October 24 2018, at 07:30 pm

En ligne | Online - Dialogues Afriques #2
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Evening organized as part of the "Du Fresnoy à la Cité internationale des arts - Une saison avec Gao Bo" Cycle



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Photo copyright: Excerpt from Wang Bing's film Ta'ang (2016).

The special evening event “Gao Bo invites Wang Bing” will be devoted to Gao Bo’s friend and Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing, who will present Ta’ang (2016). This documentary follows Burmese refugees of the Ta’ang ethnic minority, who have been forced to flee to China to escape civil war.


Wang Bing will be a guest teacher at Le Fresnoy for the 2018-2019 academic year.


The screening of "Ta'ang" will be preceded by a discussion between Wang Bing, Gao Bo and Lu Jiejing.








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Free admission, within the limits of seats

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