Anna Ternon

Anna Ternon's research is situated at the meeting point of different practices related to the diversity of her experiences in the dramatic and visual arts. The issues she addresses between the construction of memory and the geomorphology of landscape, constantly weaving relational links from text to plastic form.
In her career as an artist, the experience of landscape is a strong marker that has engendered the vast majority of her creative processes. This experience extends through various artistic forms mixing installations, sculptures, performances and writing practices, leading him to continually renew his relationship with studio production.
Her thinking about landscape is part of a perpetual back and forth between inside and outside, the intimate memory and physicality of nature, the contemplation and confrontation of the body with its environment. More recently, her interest has focused on a precise questioning: the identification of the dynamics that make up the landscape.
In October 2020, she will join the doctoral program SACRe at the École normale supérieure to deepen, during three years, her research on landscape construction, mixing geosciences, neurosciences and artistic practices.
In recent years, her work has been presented in many venues in France and abroad such as Galerie Paris-Beijing, Mains d'oeuvre, Galerie du Crous, La Générale, Glassbox, Coherent and many others.