painting installation

Ana Vila



Ana Vila is a visual artist born in 1987 in Buenos Aires. Since 2010, she has been designing experimental projects involving interventions in public and private, natural and urban spaces. She is currently developing projects in Mexico, the United States, China and Argentina.


Painting and its drying times between the liquidity of the material and the final solidification of the surface, become an axis of development of her practice. Water is her main element of inspiration, each piece showing a natural drying process, reflections, light, sensitivity, sensuality. Each material guides a different investigation process. Ana Vila has been working recently with enamel, hydrangea flowers and pieces of bread. It starts from the material to be realized, from chance, from unpredictability, from poetic or symbolic echoes.


It is a work that seeks to make visible the elementary properties of matter through small gestures, as well as the uses and resources of painting, both in a historical sense and in a more exploratory sense. Each work exposes its presence, since it is only an estocastic repetition, a singular but common process. 

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