plastic arts

Yoan Sorin

Yoan Sorin practices performance in the same way as sculpture or painting, all of which is as much a part of a thought of "trace" as a form of "Chaos Monde" to borrow some notions from Edouard Glissant.


"Like the diary, Yoan Sorin's practice is based on exploded mythologies that the artist updates through drawings and installations, paintings and performances. As he exercises his caustic and sometimes acidic gaze, Yoan Sorin combines note-taking and the making of objects that are apprehended in the form of rebuses, slogans or aphorisms, places of collusion of representations. Prolix and incisive, like his many drawing notebooks that he regularly fills, his production combines craft and low tech, bad spirit and sense of derision." 


Frédéric Emprou