Eva Gerson's mouthfuls

Spring/Summer Collection

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Eva Gerson's mouthfuls are a brand of poetic gastronomic tales. For her first spring/summer collection, she will release a seasonal postcard each month. The first four cards assembled will reveal an impossible and absolute fifth recipe.


Eva Gerson (France) composes fantasized-poetic narratives that unfold in space through sound and visual installations. In 2016, she published her first book with LVM, La Dorsale Dorée et Pied de camel or IFE. Words change shapes in the exhibition space, they come to adorn, compose, fade into the sculptures. In Virus pour vierge, the A4 stamp and its inkwell case contaminate the blank pages. Following her residency at KuBa in Saarbrücken, Germany and the views of the one preparing in Sapporo, Japan, she plunges a room completely into the dark. UV light is triggered at the entrance of visitors unveiling words, fluorescent paint, scattered on the wall. They are taken from the poetic detective novel, which will continue during the residency in Japan. Words are clues to be linked to discover what is going on.  

Words, stories invade everything.



Mouthful n°1 - Love Shot


J’ai le coeur en lard

“Colonnata” mon amour

La poudre de féta crépite

entre mes doigts tendus


Surtout ne pas flamber

Surtout ne pas dresser


L’asperge est étendue sur le drap

La tête fourrée dans un pli

T’as le droit qu’à une chance

Je vais te dévorer

Tout n’est qu’une histoire de cuisson


One shot

Cru à coeur -Paf!- dans le creux (calibre 22)

juste posés sur la saillie musculaire

“Iskatcha-Huitsch”, la crème s’envole


Je serre les dents

ça résonne

le Goût



Monthful inspired by one of chef Félix Long creation.








Eva Gerson (France) is a recipient of the Writing committee of the Cité internationale des arts.



Pratical Information

Warning: erotic texts likely to offend the young public.

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