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Working Hard

Wen-Ying SHE & Po-Yu KUO

WORKING HARD is the brainchild of creative duo WEN-YING SHE (b.1989) and PO-YU KUO (b.1989) since 2015. They work on the border of audio memories and installation. For them, Working Hard is more than a name of the art collective but a method of aesthetic practice to reconstruct an imaginative space via archival approaches.


After they gained their MFA sculpture degree from National Taiwan University of Arts, their creations evolve along with their experience working and living at different artist residencies. From an individual angle, they observe and experience the collective life of different cultures and societies. Through field research and artistic practice, they unveil the soon-to-be-forgotten social landscapes by conjuring the memories of a distinct, culturally hybridized immigrant history.


Their works have been exhibited in Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei), National Taiwan Museum of fine arts, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab), and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts among others. They also participated in residency projects at Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin, Germany), Pedvāle Open Air Art Museum (Latvia), Mexico, New Zealand, and Indonesia.


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