Thomas Garnier

Thomas Garnier is a contemporary artist from the world of architecture. After a State graduation in 2016, he followed the complementary training of the Fresnoy - Studio National des arts Contemporains, from which he graduated with honours for his work on the installation "Cénotaphes". The latter also won the ADAGP Special Mention Digital Art Revelation Award.


A renewal of a form of post-digital romanticism, his installations and photographs question the essence of the local, history and memory in the progressive establishment of a globalized and desensitized world. There are cold automatons that build and deconstruct endlessly devastated concrete landscapes, counterfeit Eiffel towers lost in the mists of the Chinese suburbs, remains of burnt-out cars evolving into hybrid vegetable shapes...


This kaleidoscope of forms and images constitutes a research cluster to identify intangible "other spaces" where it is not clear whether reality is collapsing or being constructed: heterotopias.