Camille Juthier

Her studies in philosophy have surely fostered the desire for transversality that Camille Juthier develops in her work. By freeing herself from the categorization of art and science, she experiments with our relationship to the sensitive world. From the material itself, and the transformations it undergoes in the post-industrial era, she takes hold to lead us to consider the relationships of domination that permeate our contemporary societies. Drawing on eco-feminist texts, she examines the coercive effects of human/non-human, nature/culture, male/female, normal/pathological classifications...


During her residency at the Cité internationale des arts, she pursued research on autism. People with autism perceive the world differently and adapt to it in a specific way. Although this may be painful for them and it is necessary to help them, perhaps they could lead us to rethink the norms we set as a matter of course, and open us up to other ways of accessing reality.



Camille Juthier was exhibited at the 64th Salon de Montrouge (April-May 2019).

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