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Steeve Verin

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Steeve Verin, born in Guadeloupe in 1991, is a painter and illustrator who graduated from the École nationale supérieure d'art décoratif de Limoges (ENSA).


In the tradition of Rebeyrolle and Bacon, Steeve Verin represents human faces with distorted features, colored and blurred portraits that create a link between presence and absence. They are the result of buried memories, hidden as a kind of reminiscence. These hideous faces show a reality buried under appearance, faces where all harmony rendered by the regularity of the lines disappears to leave place to contours in deliquescence, as if liquefying like deforming mirrors. The fundamental question for the artist is: are we free to show ourselves as we are?


Steeve Verin questions his relationship to otherness and to the world, but also his relationship to himself. He tries to reveal the feeling of inadequacy stemming from the glance of the other, but also the feeling of incomprehension in front of what the other lets us see of himself.


With his work, the artist also questions the veracity images. Isn't our image polished by the diktats of society? How can we see beyond what we want to show? What if everything was only a matter of appearance? What if everything was all staged?