get-togethers seminar


The arts in Africa and its diasporas: practices, knowledge, mobilities

Du 06 avril au 15 juin 2023

Auditorium - Cité internationale des arts

The performative gesture is multi-faceted and escapes any framework. From this freedom and the intimate link it maintains with a place, a history and an audience, a practice is born that knows how to think about and influence the political. This is particularly the case in Africa, where radical experimentation with the forms, meanings and possibilities of performance is taking place.


The seminar, in the continuity of the previous editions, will take as a starting point the work of researchers and artists around the questions linking performative art and politics. Proposed by Christine Douxami, Sarah Fila-Bakabadio and Julie Peghini, it will invite artists and researchers for each session, considering Art in its engaged dimension and its possible duplications within the societies concerned. The question of the relationship between European and American diasporas and their links with the African continent will be examined through the study of performances from these different worlds.