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Sara Ouhaddou

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SaraOuhaddou’s work lies midway between traditional Moroccan arts and the codes of contemporary art in order to bring forgotten cultural realities into perspective. She questions the role of art as a tool for economic, social and cultural development, more specifically in the Arab world. She is represented by the Polaris Gallery (Paris).


The artist will lead the Des Autres project for her residency at the Cité internationale des arts under the "Art Explora and Cité internationale des arts" residency program. It is a search for all the divine, human or monstrous figures gathered by the systems of belief of the ancient Amazigh peoples of North Africa (the word is used by the Berbers to designate themselves). Sara Ouhaddou offers a crossover geographical study through time between Europe and North Africa, which aims to build a new material, immaterial or performative space. This reflection will be the subject of an installation and a publication.

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