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Sabrine Jenhani

Visual artist and painter, graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Tunis, Sabrine Jenhani discovered her passion for singing and writing at a very early age.
Young singer in rock bands then approached by a famous club in Tunis, Sabrine Jenhani visits the great voices of jazz.
She works every night to sculpt her voice. During these formative years she wrote in the most active cultural press of the Tunisian capital, and thus finds herself on both sides of the mirror: precursor of the Tunisian underground scene and already icon in her country thanks to her first project within the duo YUMA, today the author-composer blows a new wind on the front of the artistic news of the Arab world with a solo project named ZAY, a project in which the artist explores new sounds and musical colors.

Sabrine Jenhani offers us an original singing performance, Serek fi bir live session, as part of Work in progress (everyday).