Saadia Mirza




Saadia Mirza is based between Chicago and Islamabad. Her interests and research range from landscape studies to the history of cartography, science and technology. Her current and past research projects focus on methods using filmmaking, animation, virtual reality and cartography. An architect by training, she has taught design and architecture in Islamabad, Pakistan.


She works in collaboration with scientists and researchers, using new media to "unlock" data sets that tell stories about war, conflict and climate change. She likes to pay attention to sensory impressions of data, sound, image and texture - experienced in immersion with a narrative that shows how knowledge is created in a world of incomplete information.


She has worked in Germany, Switzerland and France as a researcher and resident artist. Her most recent project, conducted in conversation with archaeologists, focuses on visualizing conflict and militarization in Kandahar, Afghanistan. She is currently in conversation with glaciologists and is working on a project on the sounds of Antarctic ice.


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