Staying at the Cité

There are three methods of selection for candidates wishing to obtain a residency at the Cité internationale des arts


By means of the Cité internationale des arts' selection committees

French and foreign artists may apply directly to the Cité internationale des arts, which organises different commissions by discipline (visual arts, music, writing, performing arts) and thematic.


Ongoing open calls


• The call for applications for the Spring 2020 Committees is now closed. The result will be given from mid-May 2020 onwards, until then telephone calls will not be answered.

• The call for applications for the TRAME 2020 programme is closed. The results are available HERE.

• Art Explora and the Cité internationale des arts are joining forces to offer a residency program for cultural professionals, artists and art students. All the information HERE !


By means of the Cité' partnerships

The Cité internationale des arts develops targeted residence programmes as a way of forging new startegic partnerships. Theses programmes are aimed at specific, highly influencial institutions that are keen to support talented, emerging, international artists.


Our partners:


Ministry of Culture of Colombia (Colombia) • Cultural center of Kosovo in Paris (France) • Culture and Diversity Foundation (France) • Digital Lab Africa (France) • Department of Cultural Affairs of Mayotte (France) • Department of Cultural Affairs of Guadeloupe (France) • New Caledonia's Music and Arts Export Centre (France) • Voix d'Afrique Award RFI x JCLattès x Cité internationale des arts • Society of Friends of the Arab World Institute (France) • Villa Kujoyama x Institut français x Cité internatinale des arts x Chishima Foundation (France) • BBK (Germany) • South Tyrolean Artists Association (Italy) • Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg (Luxembourg) • La Escocesa (Spain) • Juan y Pablo de Otaola Foundation (Spain)


Ongoing open calls
By means of the long-standing partners

Our network of 135 long-standing partners can select an artist for a residency at the Cité internationale des arts in accordance with their chosen procedure. To find out more about each of our partner’s application processes, as well as how they select candidates and the support provided, please consult the long-standing partners’ page.

Ongoing open calls



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