Rebecca Topakian



What are the benefits of a residency in Montmartre, at the Cité internationale des arts?


"The Cité internationale des arts is a perfect environment to meet many people. They can be professional thanks to visits to workshops and open studios organized, but also and especially friendly, between residents. Real friendships were born from my residence, and a collaboration began through a coffee discussion with my neighbour and friend, Jeanne Berbinau-Aubry.

In Montmartre in particular, we benefit from an ideal and rare setting: the scale of the site (we are much less numerous than in Pont-Marie) and its layout allow for an almost community life where meetings are encouraged, and with them exchanges, discussions and collaborations. Apart from this aspect, the Cité is an incredible opportunity for artists and especially young artists, who are often very precarious. For most of us, it would be almost impossible to live and work in Paris, when this is where it all happens."



Last April, you presented your work as part of "Bad Girls Do It It Well" on the Marais à la Cité site, your feedback on this experience?


"For the residents participating in this exhibition, there was a before and after Bad Girls, since even though we already knew each other, it allowed us to spend time together, share our work and really get to know each other - this event brought a group together. We still exchange every day on our discussion group, and it certainly won't stop with the end of our residences!"







After graduating in Philosophy and Geography in 2010, Rebecca Topakian then turned to photography and, after a year of training at the ENS Louis Lumière, joined ENSP Arles, from which she graduated in 2015.

Her work has been part of several group exhibitions, including at the Rencontres d'Arles, at Agnès B. and at the Filles du Calvaire in 2015. Her recent research will be the subject of a solo exhibition at the French Cultural Centre in Freiburg, Germany in 2016 as part of the Mulhouse Biennale.
Rebecca Topakian lives and works in Paris, she is a member of the studio hans lucas since 2016.


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