Pusha Petrov



Pusha Petrov - whose real name is Petronela Petrov - uses the photographic image wisely, skillfully observing the intimacy of people and highlighting the details of their daily existence and their specific attitudes that lead to preserving the uniqueness of each person.

By taking photos of objects or inhabited spaces, she symbolically shows the ordinary context of people, offering a sociological and aesthetic interpretation of lifestyles.



Recently she participated in the Daegu 2018 Photo Biennale (South Korea) with a project that envisages the collective identity of urban inhabited spaces in Romania. Gradually, she also shows a tendency towards the object and the observation of intimate gestures with interventions in public spaces, such as at the Biennale Art Encounters (Romania 2017).



During her residency at the Cité internationale des arts, she intends to explore the intimacy of African hair salons in Paris, exploring its multiple social and community functions as capsules of confessions, a testimony of desire, and even forums for social validation.

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