Terms and conditions of use

Rehearsal Studios

By booking in the particular context of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Tenant undertakes to comply with Decree No. 2021-699 of June 1, 2021 prescribing the general measures necessary for the management of the exit of the sanitary crisis and the measures that will be applicable on the date of the use of the spaces mentioned in Article 1



The Cité internationale des arts, hereinafter referred to as the Operator, has at its disposal various facilities that can be hired by a public of adults on an occasional or regular basis (troupes, firms, private individuals and associations), hereinafter referred to as the User, for either professional or amateur uses. Regular occupation throughout the season entitles the User to reduced rates.


Article 1 – SUBJECT

The facilities made available to the Users located at 18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville à Paris are as follows:

• Upper floor studios (paliers) Nos 2, 3, 4, surface area 12 m², upright piano, maximum capacity 3 *

• Studios Nos 1 and 2, basement, surface area 35 m², upright piano, maximum capacity 19

• Studio No 3, basement, surface area 70 m², upright piano, piano ¼ queue, maximum capacity 38

• Studio No 4, basement, surface area 33 m², upright piano, maximum capacity 19

• Studio No 5, basement, surface area 100 m², two piano ¼ queue, maximum capacity 49

• Auditorium, basement, surface area 300 m², baby grand piano, maximum capacity for concerts and events 126


It is strictly forbidden to organise cultural activities elsewhere than in the aforementioned studios and notably not in the corridors, which must remain common areas. The User will ensure that in case of auditions, candidates are provided with a suitable warm-up area (studio) in addition to the initial reservation.



Reservation times must be respected.

Overrunning the allotted rental time period will lead to extra charges invoiced by the hour.

The minimum rental period is two consecutive hours and facilities are reserved by the hour on the hour (eg: 4 pm-6 pm).



Keys may be collected from and returned to reception at the times indicated on the reservation form and to the designated person in charge. The User provides the other participants with the access codes to the facilities; the latter can be obtained from reception by providing proof of reservation.

Use of the facilities includes electricity and heating (depending on the season).

The User must use the facilities as is and shall not request any modifications or extra equipment (a music stand excepted).

The User is not authorised to use the car park, except occasionally and for a limited time corresponding to the loading and unloading of equipment.

The studios are designed for non-amplified sound use only, however the use of portable speakers at low volume is tolerated in Studios 3, 4 and 5. The Operator cannot be held liable for any instruments, equipment and objects brought into the studio by the User, which remain the responsibility of the User and who must keep them secure.

No instruments, equipment and objects are to be left in the studio outside the rental time period as indicated on the reservation form; neither can the Operator provide storage space.

In case of damage to the Operator’s property duly noted by both parties, the User undertakes to pay the cost of any repairs. The Operator must be informed prior to any public event (concert, performance) in order that a contract can be established that takes into account the type of event and the studio in question.  

No food or drinks (water excepted) are allowed in the studios/auditorium.




The User accepts that personal data provided on the online registration form may be collected, recorded and processed by the Cité internationale des arts and Quick-Studio (online reservation platform) in accordance with the applicable French laws on data protection (RGPD).  

For regular use, the User undertakes to inform the Operator of extra reservations, changes and cancellations at least one week in advance by email to the following address: or via the Quick-Studio online reservation platform. Exceptional circumstances may oblige the Operator to cancel one or several services it provides. If necessary, the User must make a formal request to the Operator to find an alternative date.

For occasional use, no cancellations/changes are possible once payment has been made. Exceptional circumstances may oblige the Operator to cancel one or several services it provides; in this case, the User should make a formal request to the Operator to find an alternative date or request a refund for the service(s) in question.



Regular use during the same season entitles the User to be invoiced monthly according to the tariffs noted in the contract (tariffs are revised annually on September 1st) and benefit from preferential rates. These preferential rates are attributed depending on the type of activity that the User declares on the registration form. Payment must be made on receipt of the monthly bill and before the due date.

Cancellations made less than one week before the reserved time slot will be invoiced in full. Delays in payment will lead to the loss of the season’s reservations and preferential rates will cease to apply. A fixed penalty for debt recovery of 40 € will be payable by the User pursuant to the Law of March 22nd, 2012 pertaining to the simplification of legal processes and procedures and in compliance with Article L441-6 of the French commercial code.

Occasional use is invoiced at the standard rate and must be paid immediately via the Quick-Studio online platform. Delay in payment automatically leads to the loss of any studio reservations.

Please note that consecutive reservations for the same studio and on the same day must be at least 2 hours apart. In case of an interruption of one hour only, the User must pay for the hour in question.



Payment can be made by cheque (please make cheques payable to the Cité internationale des arts), cash, debit card or by bank transfer:



- Centre d’affaires: PARIS ASSOCIATIONS (02837)

- RIB: 30004 00974 00021003571 93

- IBAN FR76 3000 4009 7400 0210 0357 193


In the case of payment by bank transfer, please indicate as the recipient of notification.


Article 7 – DEPOSIT

Regular use requires the payment of a 300 € deposit that enables reservations throughout the season. At the end of the contract, and on condition that any amounts payable have been duly paid, the deposit is returned to the User, unless reservations are renewed for the following season.



The User receives the key(s) to the facilities from reception. Should the key(s) be lost or broken, the User undertakes to pay 50 € per key. After leaving the facility, the door must be locked and the key returned to reception. Should a lock be damaged or broken, the User undertakes to reimburse the cost of repair or replacement upon presentation of invoice. The User is responsible for receiving visitors in good conditions and solely in the attributed space. Cultural activities organised during the rental period are under the full responsibility of the User, who undertakes to respect the safety rules that apply on the Operator’s premises, in addition to French ERP regulations (that govern buildings open to the general public), as well as taking good care of the furniture and pianos.

Emergency exits must not be blocked.

Fire safety installations and equipment must not be tampered with.

After use, the studio must be left clean and tidy (bottles of water, paper and any other litter should be placed in the bins intended for this purpose; chairs folded and put back where they were taken from). No food or drink (except water) may be consumed on the premises. Smoking is strictly forbidden, as is the organisation of buffets or cocktail receptions.

The User undertakes to obtain the prior authorisation of authors/composers or copyright holders (SACEM/CNM/SPRD). Moreover, the User undertakes to take out appropriate insurance to cover any damage to property or injury to people and provide proof of insurance to the Operator.   



Should the User fail to comply with the aforementioned obligations, the Operator reserves the right to refuse a reservation; in this case fault lies with the User.



These terms and conditions shall be governed by French law and in case of any claim or disputes, the courts of Paris have exclusive jurisdiction.