Benjamin Prins et Agnès de Brunhoff

Workshop – Les coulisses de l'artiste déployé

Friday, December 13 2019, at 06:30 pm

studio 5 - Cité internationale des arts
Our partners

Benjamin Prins invites the Alexander Technique Training Centre – directed by Agnès de Brunhoff, an internationally renowned coach acclaimed by professional artists – to the Cité internationale des arts for an initiation evening.

Agnès de Brunhoff, assisted by Christine Cliquot de Mentque, qualified teachers and trainee teachers will come to lead this unique workshop. The workshop will take the form of a short theoretical presentation, followed by individualized work.


For Agnès de Brunhoff in her book Les coulisses de l'être déployé, the objective of the Alexander Technique is to "rethink the body as a true partner in our functioning in the musical fields and performing arts as well as in everyday life in general. A Technique that reminds us of the importance of reacting to preserve our being in the face of a devouring, ultra-fast, stressful, consumerist society."


Benjamin Prins (France) is a recipeint of the Cité internationale des arts Writing Committee.


Practical Information

Free admission, within the limits of maximum capacity. 

Participants can arrive at any time between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. The group will be composed of 8 teachers for the creation of individual workshops.

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