Signe Solberg, Jan Marius Kiøsterud & Emanuel Ehgartner

The sound of your heart and rain on stone

Monday, July 23 2018, at 06:00 pm

Platform Cornière - Cité internationale des arts

The exhibition “The sound of your heart and rain on stone” will present sculptural works by artists Signe Solberg, Jan Marius Kiøsterud and Emanuel Ehgartner. The works are results from their individual practices as residents at the Cité internationale des arts, and will be exhibited in collaboration with the artist run exhibition space Platform Cornière temporary located at the annex building of the Foundation.



Signe Solberg (born 1985 in Norway) makes sculptures and installations, spanning from minimalism to constructivism. Through her abstract forms, she works with issues related to the monumental, playing with shapes, materials and contrasts, and connecting, among other things, sharp metals with soft materials.


Signe Solberg (Norway) is in residence at Cité internationale des arts through Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards Foundation.



The Norwegian/Swedish artist Jan Marius Kiøsterud (b. 1980) works within an interdisciplinary practice with their main focus on sculpture. The work exhibited at Platform Cornière is a part of an investigation on how different materials, each with its distinct correlations and history, reacts to each other, with its different modules and specific parts. Organic shapes and abstract expressions are in a constant dialogue with sharp edges and geometrical forms. The presented series is made out of ceramics, turquoise plaster and concrete in an attempt to challenge - and occasionally act as - the Devil’s advocate to each other.


Jan Marius Kiøsterud (Norway/Sweden) is in residence at Cité internationale des arts through Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards Foundation.



In his artistic practice Emanuel Ehgartner is using forms and structures of the daily life and the urban space. Strolling through the city, he sometimes discovers objects which - for no specific reason - arouse his interest. They mostly come from an architectural, industrial or technical context and are found on abandoned construction sites or as trash beneath the street. His works moves between two poles: Depending on the viewpoint, they can be seen as specific everyday object or as abstract minimal artwork.


Emanuel Ehgartner (Austria) is in residence through the programme of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.