Jan Marius Kiøsterud

Lip balm, dissonance and time

Friday, September 28 2018, at 06:00 pm

Atelier 8316 - Cité internationale des arts

Jan Marius Kiøsterud works in an interdisciplinary practice mainly focused on sculpture. At the Cité internationale des arts, he studied how different materials - each with their own history and distinct correlations - react with each other. Organic forms and abstract expressions are in constant dialogue with sharp edges and geometric forms, with references to contemporary sculpture, minimalism and the history of the materials used. The series is made from ceramics, silicone, plaster, paper pulp, metal and concrete. For Jan Marius Kiøsterud, these materials act like devils defending each other.


Jan Marius Kiøsterud (Norway) is in residence at the Cité internationale des arts through the Langaard Foundation's programme.


Practical Information

Free entrance, within the limits of seats