Vahid Chamani & Marizeh Heirani

Amino Acids

Friday, January 24 2020, at 06:30 pm

Atelier 8423 - Cité internationale des arts
"The origin of all living things are amino acids. In my world too, amino acids are created, and appear, in different forms. 
That is why the title of all my works is Amino Acids.
In my work, the return and reference to the past is an attempt to succeed the worlds and conditions of Iranian art, which, after the Qajar period, was blocked by its astonishment, its amazement in relation to Western art. Today, Iranian art is based on the past while trying to be "contemporary", it is in a dynamic of creating new motifs.
Amino Acids are manifestations of the critical cultural situation and identity crisis in today's Iran: the extreme contrast, the wide gap between tradition and modernity,
Lack of awareness of the past,
Suspended at this time,
And dreading the future."



Vahdi Chamani (Iran) is in residency at the Cité internationale des arts. 

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