Bochra Taboubi

Abysse humain

Tuesday, December 10 2019, at 05:00 pm

atelier 8417 - Cité internationale des arts
The Human abyss is a representation of the depths of Man.
An anthropoabysal world that retraces through reading the zoning of the structure of psyche, the "creatures" and the subtracts of the human subconscious, into the subconscious and the common imaginative.
"I dived into a world that represents a space time with an original logic. It is a journey towards the unknown within Humans retracing everything they supress, this mechanism of internal censoring they've blocked and lost. 
I made samples of human depths with an imaginary taxonomy of species that each represent a substrate human trait where every zone holds traits unique to it; its composition, its atmosphere, its source of energy, and the creatures that live within it etc .. As well as the analyses and the creation of fauna of each zone. Every creature has its own descriptive chart in the form of a monograph that includes a nomenclature.
This journey into the depths is a surrealistic experience through drawings, animated images, sound effects and music. A total immersion in a world mock-up."
Bochra taboubi (Tunisia) is in residence at the Cité internationale des arts through the programme of Ministry of Culture and Heritage Preservation of Tunisia. 
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