Nina Traub




Born in Tel Aviv in 1992, Nina Traub is a dancer, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist. She graduated from the Jerusalem School of Visual Theatre, and was trained at an early age in various professional dance institutions. 


She is interested in the search for movement through temperature, music, landscape and fantasy. She examines the body from a sculptural and plastic point of view, also working with different materials, colours and textures, and creates the visual environment of her works herself. Her creative work for the stage consists of drawing, sketching and sculpting to help her understand and refine her choices and deepen her research.


Nina Traub has presented her works at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, the Théâtre Habait, the Tmuna Festival, the Museum of Islamic Art Jerusalem, the Culte d'automne Hazira-Performance Art Arena, the Jerusalem Science Museum, and the National Library of Israel. She participated in a residency program at the Habait Theater for young artists to create their first show as well as a residency at the P.A.R.T.S\ROSAS in Brussels. She was also a choreographer and artist for a project for the AA - Architecture Association School of Architecture in London. 

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