The Cité internationale des arts' close relationship with French art schools

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At the heart of the Cité internationale des arts' concerns, global support for creation and professional integration of young graduates of French art schools has resulted in the foundation joining ANdÉA, the National Association of Public Art and Design Schools, as an associate member in 2021.



"This rapprochement makes it more efficient for graduates to access residencies at the Cité internationale des arts and also facilitates studio and exhibition visits whenever artists from one of the network's schools are visiting Paris." – ANdÉA 



For many years, the Cité internationale des arts has collaborated with French art schools to offer residency programs for graduates that allow them to carry out research and creative work in Paris.


Since its creation, the Cité has implemented post-graduate residency programs with:


• The City of Toulouse/isdaT, since 1965.

• The City of Lyon/Ensba Lyon, since 1999.


And more recently, the Cité internationale des arts has created new partnerships with:


• ENSA Dijon, since 2020.

• ÉSAD Reims, since 2021.

• ESAM Caen Cherbourg, since 2021.



"The residency-studio partnership with the Cité internationale des arts allows two graduates of the DNSEP Art from ÉSAD Reims to immerse themselves in a national and international professional context by benefiting from a live-in studio space and a living allowance. This is a highly professionalizing residency that places young artists in an inspiring environment and an international professional network. The Cité internationale des arts also offers workshops that facilitate the production of works. The ÉSAD Reims is looking to multiply this type of professional integration offer to its young graduates, on various geographical scales.”

– Raphaël Cuir, director of the ÉSAD Reims



Today, ten young graduate artists are welcomed each year for residencies of between two months and one year.



"The residency at the Cité internationale des arts allows us to meet many people. One of the most important things for me is to have this studio in the heart of the city and to be able to easily invite artists, professionals and friends around my work and share my research." – Marion Lebbe, artist recipient of the Cité x isdaT program



In addition to its links with French art schools, the Cité internationale des arts supports French artists through residency programs for artists from modest backgrounds or who are far from culture. To this end, the program designed in partnership with Fondation Culture & Diversité in 2018 intends to promote the professional integration of young visual artists who have graduated from the Fondation Culture & Diversité's Equal Opportunity programs.


The painter Lucie Postel, recipient of the C&D 2022 Residency, will present her work in the exhibition De la fenêtre, le lustre est tombé at the Cité internationale des arts, inaugurated on September 02nd, 2022 during the Traversées du Marais festival.OK



"Artists' residencies also benefit those who host them: isn't it enriching to recognize the universal language of art, practiced and shared by artists who come from other cultures and speak other languages."

– Alain Fleischer, founder and director of Le Fresnoy



The Cité internationale des arts also has a longstanding relationship with the Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains. In 2022, the two institutions decided to join forces to design a joint exhibition to be presented in the first half of 2023 at the Cité.


The common values of hospitality, generosity, the desire for exchange and collective work, which are at the heart of the identity of the two structures, will be the main theme of this exhibition.



From July 27th to August 05th, 2022 on social networks, discover the testimonies of artists in residency at the Cité internationale des arts through these programs.

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