New Soviet Picture

Larisa Pelle & Olessia Venediktova

Du 24 janvier au 24 février 2019

Corridor - Cité internationale des arts
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December 1991 marked the dissolution of the USSR. Since then, generations of people who have grown up in the federal state have been rebuilding themselves.

In Russia, nostalgia for the Soviet era seems to be at its height, encouraging its political leaders to reinforce values and practices that belong to the past. The promise of stability continues to create ties and interconnections between central government and the security forces, gradually giving way to an oppressive regime.

Contrary to the idealised image of the Soviet Union, Finnish resident Larisa Pelle and her collaborator on the project Olessia Venediktova, went in search of places where the gloomy Soviet reality has remained almost untouched.



Accompanying the exhibition, "Les Utopies Rouges" by ESSARTER Publishing is a set of three books that bring together the photographs and texts of ten European authors and photographers around the theme of political utopias in Europe following the fall of the USSR. Its launch will take place on February 5, 6:30 pm, at the Cité internationale des arts.


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Free admission (Mon-Sun, 2-7 pm)

Oepning - January 23, 7 pm

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