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Néhémy Pierre-Dahomey

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Néhémy Pierre-Dahomey is a writer, poet and philosopher. Now living in Paris, he was born in Port-au-Prince in October 1986. He studied philosophy at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, in parallel with his activities as an actor. He won the first prize for poetry of the Pléiade Group at the State University of Haiti with Mots épars, of which an eponymous collection was published with the texts of the two other winners. Then he published in 2010, still in Port-au-Prince and on his own account, Emmuré, his first booklet of verse.


Rapatriés, the first novel of Nehemy Pierre-Dahomey was published in 2017 by Editions du Seuil. Several times awarded (Société des Gens de Lettres, Carbet des lycéens de la Caraïbe, Ciné del Duca de l'Académie Française), it meets a critical and public success.

In March 2021, Combats, his second novel, was published by Seuil.


Néhémy Pierre-Dahomey diversifies his activities within the framework of a residency at the Cité internationale des arts (2020/2021) with the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation. He wrote and developed his first short fiction film entitled Humus Baobab, dealing with the detour of resistance, and which takes place in the traditional Haitian dance scene in France.


"The excellent reputation is so rarely founded that I was almost astonished, often moved, to experience six such generous, calm and powerful months of friendly and artistic encounters."


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