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Natalia Lopez & Abraham Poincheval

Natalia Lopez is a visual artist who lives and works in Paris. Her work is situated in the furrow that separates the image (photo as well as animated) from the text. She digs this space by looking for correspondences, by creating links that connect one to others, by building bridges that introduce other possible points of view into this interstitial space.

Her work is nourished by urban spaces and traces of life that bear witness to transversal uses, how one reinvents in daily life what seems to be forever. It is also a tribute to the resistance of materials against time.


Abraham Poincheval is an insatiable explorer. Whether it's crossing the Alps by pushing a capsule that serves as a shelter or locking himself in a rock for a week, his expeditions – itinerant or static – require total commitment of the body. The habitable sculptures that the artist designs are laboratories through which he experiences time, confinement or immobility. They are the envelope that welcomes the performer, the object that disrupts the landscape and exists through the narratives of witnesses.



After a life of wandering along the streets in the abandoned districts of Heraklion, Natalia Lopez and Abraham Poincheval decided to reincarnate in human form to join the Cité internationale des arts.

Freshly become human, they chose to work with four hands between the bifurcations of photography, installation, writing but also to test a lot of new experiences animated by the dialogue between the visible and the invisible.


NL.AP: "... During our residency in Crete we found the metal plates or ex-votos, as well as the Oklades (metal protections placed on parts of the icons). At the same time receptacles, symbols of desires and objects of worship, they embody the expression of faith as close as possible to the image... ".


According to the oracle, this residence will bring them back to Greece for an unforgettable Sleepless Night and will give birth to fabulous projects.