Mohamed Kandel (ANDEEL)

Mohamed Kandel (ANDEEL) was born in Kafr al-Sheikh, Egypt in 1986. After learning from his uncle that his paternal grandfather was a filmmaker and that he made a feature film called Horses, which he took to the Berlin Film Festival. Rejected, certainly linked to the nationality of its author, the film did not have the desired merit. On his return to Egypt by boat, his grandfather threw the only copy of the film overboard and retired from the cinema forever.

The knowledge of this family episode led Mohamed Kandel (ANDEEL) to settle in Cairo and become a professional cartoonist at an early age, as well as to make short films (such as Qui sait ? a psychedelic film noir set in the Far West).
He also began writing television scripts, designing newspapers, co-founding the BD Tok Tok Tok Tok magazine, launching a fictional radio station in the Egyptian countryside (Radhio Kafril Sheikh el-Habeeba), using Facebook extensively, and more recently creating the youtube video series Big Brother. In 2012, he married a "really great" woman.