Mireya Martín Larumbe

Mireya Martín Larumbe (born in December 1980 in Pamplona, Spain) is a visual artist and video artist. She is represented by the Espacio Marzana Gallery, Bilbao (Spain).


After studying at the Beaux Arts in Bilbao, she studied gender and visual sociology, fields that have been driving her artistic research since her debuts. In her projects, the notion of becoming linked to the events of her own life helps her to speak of desire, the awareness of death and also of transcendence. She deploys a dreamlike, sensual and instinctive imagery, of which drawing is the main discipline, always accompanied by experimental videoanimation and sound.


Her projects have been the subject of various exhibitions and festivals: Instituto Cervantes (Madrid, Prague, Palermo, Rome, Belgrade), Les traversées du Marais (Paris), Cité Internationale Universitaire (Paris), Collège d'Espagne (Paris), Galeria Espacio Marzana (Bilbao), Fundación Bilbao Arte (Bilbao), Centro Huarte de Arte Contemporáneo (Huarte), Fundación María Forcada (Navarre), The Museum of Latin American art (California), Museo Cristóbal Balenciaga (Guéthary), Arteleku (San Sebastian), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Fundación Lenguaje (Madrid), Festival Miradas de Mujeres (Madrid), Festival Bideodromo MEM (Bilbao).