plastic arts

Marie Bonnin

After studying literature, Marie Bonnin joined the National School of Decorative Arts in Printed Image. There she discovered engraving, silkscreen printing and their almost magical ability to make images appear. There she developed a taste for experimentation and the mixing of printing techniques as well as a sensitivity for the book and the printed object.


Her artistic practice focuses on contemplation of landscapes and nature, starting from the memory of places travelled or familiar, ideal grounds for making an image.
In search of the very material of the landscape, she develops her reflection around the "palimpsest landscapes", which reveal their depth by revealing the strata of their multiple variations.
Literature occupies an important place in her work. The literary text, always present as a watermark, makes it possible to draw one's relationship to the landscape from experience to fiction. In this way, she strives to put the experience of reading into space.


In addition to her personal practice, she works on various illustration and publishing projects and draws for Hermès-Paris. In 2014, she obtained the Déclics Jeunes grant from the Fondation de France for a mobile printing project and regularly offers initiations to engraving in schools and festivals.


After a residency at the Manufacture d'images du Bief in Ambert (Auvergne) during the winter of 2017/18, she was an artist member of the Casa de Velazquez in Madrid for the year 2018/19.