visual arts

Manon Pretto

Manon Pretto (1993), visual artist, works between Paris and Clermont-Ferrand. She obtained a DNSEP from ÉSACM in 2020. Her work is rooted in a number of personal commitments on a local scale, such as Perou - Pôle Exploration des Ressources Urbaines, an action-research laboratory on the hostile city - and Yes We Camp, where she grasped the challenges of creation in situation and confirmed her interest in alternatives to urban apprehension and issues of hospitality.


Her multidisciplinary work explores the boundaries between body and image. Among other things, Manon works on wandering and the way we adapt to our environment. Her practice is rooted in the world of science fiction for a predominantly urban environment, and contains a strong political aspect. She creates futuristic-looking prosthetic objects to create augmented bodies. Closely linked to issues of individual freedom and how it can be undermined today, her work questions fragilities and mechanisms of power.


She also questions the place of bodies, particularly those that have been minoritized and gendered, in public space, and how to hybridize and displace them in order to find forms of self-defense, but also of combat.


The practice of collaboration is very much present, indeed essential, in her work, bringing open, intersecting viewpoints, enabling us to broaden our questioning, and leave room for minorities to exist, while also raising awareness of spaces of privilege. Intersectional collaboration allows all bodies to express their needs and fight together. Never speak in the place of, and never make invisible.

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