Malek Saied



A residency at the Cité internationale des arts on the Montmartre site, how is it?

"This residence in Montmartre is for me the ideal setting to carry out my project. By the light and greenery that penetrates my workspace, I think I have found here the most suitable place for optimal concentration and inspiration hunting. We capture at the Montmartre residence this something indescribable, which allows the artist to put himself in a position to receive his mystical revelation."


What are your current projects?


"I'm working on an animation film project. My main character is led to a mystical experience himself. So yes, I'm in the right place, here and now."






Malek Saied (Tunisia/France) is an illustrator. In residence at the Cité internationale des arts, he works notably on his animated film La Pierre Noire, an incusion in a sensitive or even forbidden territory. 


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