Luis Carlos Tovar




Luis Carlos Tovar is a visual artist from Bogota, Colombia. He considers art as a vessel for reflection, a catalyzer for building resilience, and an agent for inner and outer transformation. He explores mutable geographies (i.e. displacement), how otherness is created, and the role of memory in the present. He has worked with vulnerable populations in his country and with refugees in Europe. Committed to social justice, he has developed decentralized pedagogical spaces, where participants inhabit their individual and collective journeys.


His work integrates different mediums, such as photography, painting, mix-media and video installation. He has exhibited in Buenos Aires, Bogota, Rome, Paris, Madrid and Pingyao. Recently, he won Photoespaña descubrimientos prize 2017 (Madrid), nominated Prix Elysée and the photographic residence 2017 of the Musée du quai Branly (Paris) with his last project Cartographies of Escape.




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