installation drawing

Louis Guillaume

Louis Guillaume is an artist, an explorer, a walker, a self-taught researcher, an inventor guided by a single law, a single principle, that of the materials on which he has set his sights.


In fact, his practice is based around seasonal harvests, with the artist setting off every month in search of materials on long walks in the countryside or the city. There's no need to travel too far: there are plenty of materials that haven't yet received the attention they deserve, and they're right there in front of us. Forgotten, little-known or, on the contrary, all-purpose, it is to these materials that Louis Guillaume gives a new lease of life in his installations and sculptures exploring their plastic possibilities. Huts, earthen paths, precarious mobiles... Louis Guillaume sees his creations as living works destined to evolve over time, as the seasons go by.


The materials sourced by the artist are chosen for their potential uses as well as for their purely aesthetic properties. The approach is amateurish, but it has reached a quasi-professional level. In his search for alternative models, outside the globalised production circuits, Louis Guillaume carries out investigative work aimed at understanding the properties of the materials he harvests and finding artisanal applications for them. For example, he recently became interested in black poplar wadding, which is ideal for replacing cotton on a small scale in the manufacture of down jackets.

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