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Lisa Boostani

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Lisa Boostani is a multi-disciplinary artist of Spanish-Iranian origin.

Gratuated from l’école d'image des Gobelins in Paris with a specialization in photography, she works as a director and photographer in the fields of documentary, music and fashion.



Her fascination for gestures, body dynamics and the realm of dreams naturally led her to performance art. Through it, she explores the psycho-physical language, experiencing her own body as a basic material, alive and mutable. Her research is part of an initiatory and healing process, where distancing and surpassing oneself opens the way to a new consciousness. It is in an art of metamorphosis that Lisa Boostani explores emotions, their expressions in gesture, movement, image and sound.



Through invented worlds, atmospheres that play with the sensation of dreams and fictitious characters, she mixes symbols and archetypes to propose a different way of being in the world. An antidote served with humor, to free oneself from the norm and the various socio-cultural conditionings.

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