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Leticia Martínez Pérez

Leticia Martínez Pérez was born in Zaragoza, Spain in 1984. She studied in Zaragoza plastic arts, art history and design before having graduated from ESAM in Caen.


Playing with codes and switching between references to kitsch and art history, her practice is nourished by folklore and popular culture, with which she maintains an uncomplicated relationship. Having an interdisciplinary plastic language, she creates a dreamlike, whimsical and burlesque universe coupled with reality through sculptures, installations and performances. Through the staging of her objects and characters, she recreates a disturbing carnival, as voluptuous as it is innocent. Art becomes a game board, an opportunity to cross hybrid forms resulting from diverse worlds, real and fantasized.


Her works and performances have met the public at various exhibitions and festivals in France and abroad. Resident at the Casa de Velázquez, Academy of France in Spain for the year 2019-2020, she has developed her projects Jerónima and Deliciae.

These works, with a strong playful and sensual dimension, were presented at the Collection Lambert during the exhibition Les vies minuscules.

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