"Saison Macaya de Petit Frère"

Wednesday, December 19 2018, at 03:30 pm

Auditorium - Cité internationale des arts
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Saison Macaya de Petit Frère is a rite of passage story for children aged 4 to 10 told by Ymelda. Punctuated by music and songs and resonating with legends, riddles, songs and traditional Caribbean myths, it reconnects with a past in which storytelling played the role of a bridge between generations.

The youngest of six siblings, Petit Frère often keeps to himself, rarely playing with his brothers and sisters or classmates. He doesn’t smile much and feels that he is not loved because he was the last child, an accident, neither expected nor welcome in this very poor family who live in a small village far from the capital.
One morning, in their house with clay walls and a sugarcane leaf roof, Petit Frère overhears a conversation between his parents: his mother wants to celebrate Macaya season.
To do so, she must prepare a bath of leaves that will remove impurities from the house and bring good luck to all its inhabitants and also prepare a gargantuan meal that will make them forget all the deprivations they have experienced. Petit Frère then hears a tiny voice: "Hey, little man, this is the perfect opportunity. If you can find all of this, you will receive the unconditional love of your whole family. You will become a hero."
And so Petit Frère's adventure begins.

Ymelda (France) is a recipient of the Writing Committee of the Cité internationale des arts.


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