Nordic Salon II

Collective Open Studio

Sunday, February 17 2019, at 06:00 pm

studio 5 - Cité internationale des arts

This open studio presents the works of a collective of Finnish artists living and working in Paris:


- documentary filmmaker Larisa Pelle, who explores the theme of identity

- visual artist Laura Puska, who combines various media and observes communication between humans and their environment

- the visual artist Linda Linko, whose expressive drawings and paintings are mainly portraits and landscapes

- the visual artist Penni Vasama, who presents her abstract paintings and portraits and deconstructs cognitive actions and pure intuitive expression

- the visual artist Elina Bäckman, who studies choreographic methods to define "space" through mediation between texts, documents, photographs and installations

- the singer, composer and musician Ville Laaksonen

- the multidisciplinary visual artist Tero Puha, specialized in digital art productions 

- the ceramic artist Maija-Liisa Tuoriniemi, using pottery as a medium for creative expression

- illustrator, designer and freelance author Marika Maijala

- the painter and photographer Liivia Sirola recently working with a "one minute" painting.

- the artist Makka Elonheimo who uses the skin as a canvas for creative expression.


Practical Information

Free admission, within the limits of maximum capacity. 

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