Juan Gugger

Juan Gugger (Dean Funes, born in 1986) is a visual artist, working mainly on sculpture and installations. The physical development of his works usually incorporates the exploration of diachronic and synchronic dimensions of the location in which it appears, the materials that compose it, and given circumstantial aspects (for instance: what's determined and what's contingent, historical sites and contemporary consumption, materiality and politics, ecology and economy, history and ideology).
On the other hand, Gugger read the exhibition instance as a very codified and complicated formation where space is fragmented by power relations and roles. Then, his works engage in different ways with this complex field, integrating it as material and as content.
He has developed his work in cities like Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Porto Alegre, Los Ángeles, Bogotá, and Paris, among others. In 2019, he won the Kenneth Kemble Art Prize (Argentina) and is participating in the 69th edition of Jeune Création (Paris, France).

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