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Jérémie Priam

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Jérémie Priam graduated from the Caribbean Arts Campus with honours in 2013. He was born in 1989 and lives in Martinique.



His work focuses on many ideological and social issues. He puts his finger on taboo subjects that can affect both his insularity and the outside world - from vanity to consumerism to popular beliefs - everything is questioned. In his work, he explores the troubles of West Indian identity, uprooting and the aftermath of the slavery past. At the same time, he also denounces the excesses of our contemporary society by using metaphor and allegory.



He integrates different media in his work (drawing, printmaking, video, performance, installation, sculpture, etc.). He aims for a "decolonial" approach to contemporary art in Martinique by challenging the exoticism to which he refuses to submit.

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