Jasminka Stenz


Saturday, December 14 2019, at 05:00 pm

Petite Galerie - Cité internationale des arts
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Design: Jasminka Stenz
Performer: Nina Berclaz, Rowan Blockey, Jasminka Stenz, Nina Traub, Yiyao Wang
Voice: Aïda Nosrat
Dramaturgy: Gustavo Gelmini
Costume: Jasminka Stenz
Thanks to Ana Maria Valencia, Caitlin Hespe, CJ, Lena Mäder, Stefanie Knobel and the Cité internationale des arts.

VOL_UTION asks about the voyeurism of humans and the motives of being body. The survival and desire of being human play role in this performative installation of Swiss choreographer Jasminka Stenz. The exhibited bodies are heavy of culture, of knowledge, of prejudice and of themselves. The audience is invited to move freely in and out of the space.




Jasminka Stenz (Switzerland) is in residence at the Cité internationale des arts through the programme of the Canton of Aargau, Switzerland.

Practical Information

Free admission, within the limits of maximum capacity. 

Unrestricted entries & exits.