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James Hazel

James Hazel is a non-disciplinary composer, artist, and researcher who lived in social-housing for 14 years. His sound-oriented work draws upon lived and authentic working-class and under-class experiences, utterances, vocalities, and imaginaries to explore what it means to listen, love, live, and labour in a world that is increasingly characterised by economic instability, gentrification, automation, and social inequality.


Much of James' work expresses itself in score-based interventions in urban spaces via collaboration, community organising, workshopping, pedagogy, critical fabulation, fieldwork, conversation, writing, song - among works for radio, and instrumental/electronic music.


Recently, James' work has been presented/exhibited through Liquid Architecture; Performance Space/Carriageworks; The World Acoustic Ecology Forum; The University of Helsinki; HighSCORE in Pavia, Italy, Gaudeamus/Screendive in the Netherlands; Arts Incubator in Seoul; The Museum of Contemporary Art; ABC Radio National; and Radiophrenia


As the founder of CLASS ACTIONS, ADSR ZINE, (under)scoring the commons, and poor opera(tions), James’ recent focus has aimed to foster spaces and workshops to better listen to working-class sonic practices.


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