Les Fables du Calao

Visual and sound tour of the Cercle Kapsiki

From April 8th, 2021 onwards

Cité internationale des arts & Quartier Goutte d'Or, Paris
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A co-production of the Collectif MU and the Institute of Islamic Cultures, in partnership with the Cité internationale des arts and the Villa Belleville.

This work was installed in April 2021 as part of the call for projects Embellir Paris launched by the City of Paris to encourage initiatives and projects to beautify certain Parisian spaces. Find all the projects on the website.



Last project realized within the framework of the device Embellir Paris, this route in the city imagined by the Cercle Kapsiki was co-produced by the Collectif MU and the Institute of the Cultures of Islam on the occasion of the exhibition Zone Franche (presented at the Institute of the Cultures of Islam from April 2021, which is Headquarters of the Cultural Season Africa2020).


The itinerary consists of 14 hornbills made of colored resin (emblematic birds of the Senufo culture) perched for a period of two years in the streets of the Goutte d'Or. They indicate listening points that blend the atmospheres, music and stories drawn by the artists of the Cercle Kapsiki from the heart of the Barbès-Château Rouge neighborhood and from their city of Douala in Cameroon.

The project celebrates the diversity of cultures in this cosmopolitan neighborhood, shaped by flows and exchanges with the African continent. It is the result of a three-month residency at the Villa Belleville and the Cité internationale des arts, partners of the project.


A stroll to discover via the smartphone application SoundWays or by audio guides to be collected at the Institute of Islamic Cultures (56, rue Stephenson - Paris 18e).

The project continues at the Cité internationale des arts, with the installation of a hornbill paying tribute to the plurality of identities and languages of the artists who reside there.

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