IN SITU 2023

The laureates

IN SITU is an original multidisciplinary residency programme that aims to be a time and a place for meeting others, working collectively and pursuing one’s own research at the very heart of the Cité internationale des arts residency centre, whilst also focussing on the production of knowledge and works around the theme of the conditions of existence.


The programme brings together ten creatives from different disciplines - visual artists, performers, designers, architects, urban planners and curators - for a six month period around a collective and individual dynamic and a line of work suggested by a guest curator. The programme focuses on an individual and collective approach to the ecological conditions of existence, which considers the reality of a changing world and invents, explores and experiments with possible modes of action.


The programme’s focus is proposed by María Inés Rodríguez, director of Tropical Papers.



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• 172 applications

• 10 laureates

• 10 nationalities

• 5 women & 5 men



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