Lasseindra Ninja

HYBRIDA-VOGUE: Micropolíticas queer

Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 November 2021

Maison Populaire de Montreuil

The research group GIUV2013-144: HYBRIDA (Hibridaciones culturales e identidades migrantes), component of the winning project of the Diversitats (Iniciativa de Igualdad en la Diversidad) ideas competition, presents at the University of Valencia, Spain, a program of two conferences on ball culture, its history and political value, as well as the visual analysis of some balls and a voguing workshop.

For this event, Lasseindra Ninja – emblematic figure of voguing in France – will be accompanied by Snake Ninja, Galaxia Garçon and Riri Garçon.



Lasseindra Ninja (France) is recipient of the "Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and Cité internationale des arts" program.

Practical Information

All practical information on HYBRIDA’s website.

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